A’we gonna do what they say can’t be done…

…a little “East Bound and Down” Jerry Reed for you folks!


A quick word of unsolicited advice to start off. Once someone has come to your house for a dinner part and brought to best, most delicious, mouth watering enchiladas you’ve ever had….you can’t EVER go back to the microwave enchilada. Not even the good ones from Trader Joe’s, which are surprisingly good.  It can’t be done.

and Stax o Wax

The CDs and LPs are just piling up on my desk. I have three half-finished reviews and DOZENS to complete including The Charlie Watts Riots (almost there), The Figgs, Dum Dum Girls, District of Columbias, The Like (which I’m constantly playing), the new Alejandro Escavedo album which is fantastic (another spoiler!), some other one…a Brit band, the list goes on and on. If you arent paying attention to music right now, you’re really missing out. That bullshit on the radio doesnt do it for anyone, you need to find the closest indie record store and ask the employees what they’re listening to…that should set you in the right direction. Of course, you should first come here and see if I have posted anything new. There’s alot going on in music and I think you’ll like it….which means ALOT because I’m a bitter, jaded old bastard when it comes to good music.

Thats all for right now, be back later!

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