Fresh news….and last weeks clean up.

Some outstanding items for this week and some fresh news on new releases and bands about town.

Last week was I very involved with other things and only partially completed the content I intended to post. Therefore, we have some bonus stuff coming up this week!!!

New Reviews in the Hopper:

The Charlie Watts Riots “Long Story Short” :  My latensss should work out for everyone on this, because the album is now conveniently available on iTunes! No worrying about where you can find that pesky, outdated CD format when you can simply download it! Review is first in line to be finished up! These guys bring some Beatles/Superdrag inspired power pop thats sure to blow your doors off! 

The Like “Release Me” :  This all girl trio/quartet – depending on the day – has just release their second studio album and it features somewhat of a shift in style. Make no mistake, this shift is great. 60’s style chick rock with Farfisa and hand claps…and they couldn’t be cuter!

*The Like kick off their UK tour in August hitting both the Leeds and Reading Festivals followed by about a dozen dates across jolly ol’ England (not to mention Ireland and Scotland)

The Figgs “The Man Who Fights Himself” : I am ashamed of how late I am with this review since the band made a point of advancing me a copy all the way back about 3 months ago. As a bonus I will go ahead a include the new Mike Gent CD “Mike Gent” as well as Graham Parker’s “Imaginary Television” since these albums all came it me in one stack.

*The Figgs Next Schdules Show(s): Two “Homecoming” Events, but you have to wait til August:

08/06 Albany, NY – Linda Norris Auditorium (Record Release Show!)
08/07 Saratoga Springs, NY – Putnam Den (Record Release Show!)

New Releases on the way…:

The Doors guitarist Robby Kreiger’s instrumental album “Singularity” comes out June 29th (tomorrow) which will also give me the opportunity to tell the story of the time in 1993 that I met John Densmore (Doors drummer) and he was a complete dickwad to me! Exciting!

REISSUE:    KISS ARMY!! Rejoice!! This week, in fact today June 28th, Mercury/UMe released reissued Vinyl Picture discs of all four SOLO albums by the members of Kiss.  Ace Frehly, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Paul Stanley, respectively released self titled solo albums in 1978. The new vinyl reissue features liner notes and a fantastic picture disc!

REISSUE:  Fans of 1980’s (and beyond) New Wave/alterna rockers XTC can pick up the reissued, 7″ vinly mini-box set of their 2005 release “Apple Venus Vol. 1”  I suppose mini-box isn’t really appropriate since it’s 13 discs!! Also featured are 3 new songs previously only available as digital downloads.


Also, keep an eye on Palmdale as their exposure already grows. This past week we saw additional V-Blogs from Kay and Linus released on YouTube, more reviews and their video for “Here Comes the Summer” featured on  The duo is currently in the studio recording new material, I know so far “Mean” and “Things I Think About on Planes” are just about in the can.  I should also mention last week there was a Leters To Cleo “reunion” show at club ROOF on the top of the Wit Hotel in Chicago! Those that attended tell me it was fantastic!

Finally, With all of the excitement and protesting going on in Toronto this weekend for thje G20 summit, who else would you expect to roll into town Saturday night but Ted Leo and the Pharmacists! These guys have had a rough two months lately including a somewhat rocky and tiring European tour, lost equipment due to our fantastic airline service (which resulted with Ted’s Gibson being retuned with a busted head) as well as recent van breakdowns, cancelled Canadian dates, rescheduled Canadian dates and even James Canty’s cell phone dropped in a full pint of beer.  It really has been running the range of  issues for Ted and the boys,  so why not round it out with their June 26th date at Lee’s Palace in Toronto being mere blocks from the rioting and chaos on Queen Street.  Fortunately, the band was safe and the gig went off without a hitch. Keep at it Ted, the fans understand it’s been tough to come out and see them lately!

*Ted Leo/RX  Next scheduled show: July 1st at Dicken’s Pub Calgary, AB


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