Drop the Needle: Palmdale’s “Get Wasted”

Artist:  Palmdale

Album: Get Wasted (EP)

Release Date: March 23rd 2010

  The weather is getting nicer and that means everyone is thinking of what’s going to make up their Summer of 2010 soundtrack. Having some fun music blasting out of your car windows or getting that party jumpin’ is essential. So in this sea of shoe-staring-hipster-ephemeral-schlock bands how are you going to keep it fresh??  Worry not friends, Palmdale is here with their 5 song debut EP “Get Wasted” It has all of the fun, catchy lyrics, rock melodies (read: HOOKS!) and pop charm you’ll need to keep the party going til August and beyond.

  Palmdale is a brand new band consisting of Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo) and Linus Dotson (Linus of Hollywood). Its very likely that you know Kay Hanley from her Letters to Cleo days as a Boston alt-rocker, but it should be mentioned she’s had countless solo albums, done soundtrack work and even toured as a backup singer for Miley Cyrus. Linus Dotson may not be a household name, but he is a prolific songwriter and producer around LA, has multiple solo albums, he also did a brief stint touring with geek rockers Nerf Herder. The duo is somewhat of a match made in musical heaven with Hanley’s sexy chick rocker appeal and Dotson’s ability to both compliment and magnify.

  The “Get Wasted” EP, opens with the sun-soaked pop gem  “Here Comes the Summer” which is Hanley at her best.  The song comes in soft and then Hanley kicks the door open with enthusiasm and aggressive, witty lyrics. The music is sweet, edgy pop the likes of which you don’t hear much anymore, but Hanley and Dotson are seasoned professionals at turning out. That said, its amusing that these songs were born from the duo playing around writing “cheesy pop songs” that they later decided to get serious with and Palmdale was born. The EP includes 4 original songs and a cover of Local H’s 1996 hit “Bound for the Floor”, which is such an unlikely cover, but if you’re like me and keep an extra special place in your heart for 90’s pop rock it’s a treat.

  All in all, “Get Wasted” is a solid collection of well-crafted pop songs. It is only the five songs which leaves you wanting more, but on their website the EP is referred as “EP #1” and according to Hanley the duo is already back in the studio recording more tracks. Hopefully this means we will hear more Palmdale in the very near future.  In the DC area, “Here Comes the Summer” has already shown up at the clubs and lounges on U Street that incorporate a rock mix. Check them out for yourself on iTunes or head over to their website for a free download!

Rating:  5 out of 5  (GO GET IT NOW!!!)



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